PPTP Setup Guide for [ Windows 7/ WinVista ]


1.Click on Start and Select Control Panel

2.Click on Network and Sharing Center



3.Now Click on "Set up a new connection or network"


4.Now Select "Connect to a workplace"



5.Now Select "Use my Internet connection ( VPN )"


Step 4


6.Now Enter Hostname/PPTP Server IP in Internet Address And Click on Next. ( Click here to view list of Server Address ) 




7.Now Enter your SwitchVPN's VPN Username & Password details you received in your email and click on Connect ( Your VPN Username and Password are different from Client Area Login Details )

Step 6


After you Click on Connect and Get Connected Successfully,You should See Something Similar to Below





if you have followed the instructions above, you should now be connected to SwitchVPN and can start using the internet anonymously, securely and privately. To confirm that SwitchVPN is doing its job, we recommend you visit a site such as www.whatismyip.com , where you should see SwitchVPN's IP address instead of your own.


Common Error

Error 619 : It means your Anti Virus / Modem / ISP is blocking the PPTP Protocol. Please try L2TP as L2TP is more Firewall friendly

L2TP Setup Instructions : http://secure.switchkonnect.com/knowledgebase/16/L2TP-Setup-Guide-for--Windows-7-or-WinVista-.html


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