PPTP Setup Guide for [ Windows XP ]

Start by accessing the Network Connections Panel. ( You can also right click “Network Places” and select Properties.)

  1. Click “Create New Connection” in the left hand column of the “Network Connections” window.

  2. You are now presented with a Wizard. Click Next to continue.

Wizard New
  1. Select “Connect to the Network at my Workplace” from the menu.

Wizard Step 2
Select Virtual Private Network connection from the next panel.
Wizard Step 2
  1. Name the connection.

  1. Now enter the Hostname/Server IP of the PPTP Server.Example ( Click here to view list of Server Address )

Step 6
  1. If you are the system admin you will be asked if you want this to be for your use only or for anyone’s use. I suggest you limit it to your use only unless you want the VPN network to be made available to all user accounts on the workstation.

  2. Next you can either just finish or add a shortcut to the desktop. You are nearly done!

  3. When you launch the client for the first time (hopefully from the icon you asked it to create from the wizard, if not then you will need to access the “Network Connections” window again and double click your new connection.) you will be asked for a username and password. Click connect when you are done with this you will be connected to the SwitchVPN's Server.


If you have followed the instructions above, you should now be connected to SwitchVPN and can start using the internet anonymously, securely and privately.

To confirm that SwitchVPN is doing its job, we recommend you visit a site such as www.whatismyip.com , where you should see SwitchVPN's IP address instead of your own

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