Username or Password Error


When attemptig to connect to SwitchVPN, you may receive following error message :

"Username or Password Error"


  • Make sure there are no blank spaces in User name or Password field, we highly recommend typing the login details instead of copy/paste to avoid any error.
  • Trying to connect to server which is not included in your plan, If you are subscribed to LITE plan, you can access servers based in US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Canada.
  • Account has been expired/Overdue invoice. Please make sure your account is up to date and there is no unpaid invoices. You can renew your account from
  • Using Client Area login to connect to VPN, Client Area and VPN login details are different. Please check your email for "Getting started.." mail which includes your VPN login details. You can also find login details from Client Area > My Services > View Details

If you are still experiencing "Username and Password error" , please contact us on Live Chat or submit a support request . Our friendly support staff will help you resolve the issue quickly.

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