OpenVPN Setup Instructions for Mac OS X ( Viscosity )

Step 1
Download Viscosity (  Viscosity.dmg ) for Mac OS X from below :
Download OpenVPN Configuration Bundle for Viscosity

Step 2
Once you have finished downloading  Viscosity & OpenVPN Configuration bundle  , Please Complete the installation and Run  Viscosity  Application.

Step 3
After you Run the application, You will see new  Viscosity  icon at top menu bar  . Click on the  Viscosity  icon in your menu bar and Select "Preferences..." to Import Connections.

Step 4
Click the plus icon (+) button in the bottom left hand corner of the window. Select “Import Connection” from the menu that appears.

Step 5
Navigate to the  OpenVPN Configuration for Viscosity  files, and select the Connection you would like to Import.
Step 6
Click the top menu Viscosity icon. Select Connect to your preferred server & Enter your VPN Username and Password when prompted.
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