L2TP Setup Guide For [ Mac OS X ]

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

1. Click on the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network.
2. Click on the '+' button to add a new Network Connection.
3. In the next window, select/input the following:
* For Interface, select VPN
* For VPN Type, select L2TP Over IPSec
* For Service Name, type in SwitchVPN
4. In the next window enter the following information:
* For Server address, type in [ Server Address / Hostname ] ( Click here to view list of Server Address )
* For Account Name, type in your SwitchVPN Username.

* Please click on Authentication and Enter your VPN Password and Please enter Secret : switchvpn

*Please click on OK and apply changes
5. Click the Advanced button and under the Options tab make sure to check Send all traffic over VPN. Hit OK.
6. (Optional) If you would like to have Mac OS save your key chain password click the Authentication Settings button and enter your SwitchVPN password in the password field.
7. You have successfully setup your PPTP VPN connection in Mac OS X Leopard.

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