OpenVPN Setup Instructions for Mac OS X

Step 1
Download Tunnelblick ( SwitchVPN.dmg ) for Mac OS from below :

Step 2
Once you have finished downloading Tunnelblick, Please Complete the installation and Run Tunnelblick Application.

Step 3
After you Run the application, You will see new Tunnelblick icon at top menu bar   . Click on the Tunnelblick icon in your menu bar and choose the server to which you wish to connect.

Step 4
You may be prompted to enter your system administrator password to fix permission for the configuration files. If so, enter your system username and password.

Then you may be asked for your VPN login and password. Enter your VPN Username & Password. Click the box next to Save in Keychain to save the user name and password for future connections.

Step 5
Now you should be connected to VPN and Tunnelblick icon will change from dark to a lit tunnel.  

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