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PPTP Setup Guide For [ Ubuntu / Linux ]

Step 1

Click on System > Preferences > Network Connections

Step 1


Step 2

Please Select VPN Tab and Click on Add


Step 3

Choose Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol ( PPTP ) and Click on Create


Step 4

Gateway -> Enter PPTP Server Address / Hostname Provided in Setup Email OR Click here to view list of Server Address.

Username -> VPN Username

Password -> VPN Password

After that click on Advanced


Step 5

Uncheck MSCHAP and Check all as shown below. After that Click on OK and Apply , You should see SwitchVPN Connection Created.


Step 6

Now you are ready to Connect , Select the VPN Connection. VPN Connections > SwitchVPN


Step 7

Once its Connected you will see Lock on the icon.

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